Monday, March 28, 2011

Facts About Pratt and Healthcare

The faculty union (UFCT 1460) will begin negotiations with Pratt administration within the next month to determine the content of our next four-year contract.  A group of concerned rank and file professors have compiled this fact sheet to encourage discussion and the sharing of information as regards healthcare benefits for part-timers.

Did you know...

  • 75-80% of Pratt faculty are currently deemed ineligible for any form of health insurance benefits through the Institute
  • Of Pratt's yearly operating budget of $170 million, less than 20% is spent on faculty (that's including all full- and part-time salaries and benefits)
  • The Pratt administration has agreed to provide healthcare benefits for part-timers in the past 2 contracts, but has yet to honor these agreements in practice
  • Every other college of Pratt's prestige and caliber in NYC provides healthcare benefits to both full- and part-time faculty (including The New School, Cooper Union, School of Visual Arts, CUNY, NYU, and Columbia)
  • UFCT's current demand is that Pratt grant all part-timers (who teach a 50% workload for at least two semesters) access to healthcare benefits with a 25% contribution by the employee

TELL PRATT:  It's time to make the health and well-being of Pratt's faculty a priority!

What you can do:
  • Wear a "Does Pratt Insure Your Prof?" button and sign the faculty petition (both available in the Union Conference Room in North Hall 123)
  • Share and discuss this fact sheet with fellow faculty, staff and students
  • Drop President Schutte a line at <>
  • Full-time Faculty: We need your support!  A letter from you and/or your departmental colleagues to the administration would send a strong message of unity around this issue.
  • Be on the lookout for announcements about upcoming rallies and other events (we'll post updates on this blog)

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